the unknown/archive

jap. Zedernholz, Birkenholzpaneele im Innenraum, Nadeln, Buchausschnitte

japanese cedar wood, birchwood panels, needles, textpieces

„Why is there something and not nothing?“ This fundamental question for philosophical thinking guides directly to the idea of nothingness ("NICHTS"), which is still a central theme for philosophers from eastern and western culture as well, such as heidegger, sartre , nishida and nishitani.
While reading these different texts, more than 4000 words of "NICHTS" were cutted out and have been collected .
Coming to Nakonjo, Japan, the most important question was, to create a space where "NICHTS" could appear. Coming into direct contact with the japanese culture, we built in a co-working process (Kouji Ohno. Japan) a room of concentration which refers in his structure to the architectural ideas of a japanese teahouse. The installation of textpieces was placed inside.

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